A man with three faces. World’s first person to undergo second face transplant

"A man with three faces". World’s first person to undergo second face transplant

Jerome Hamon is the first person in the world to undergo a second face transplant. The first was rejected by his body, so another was necessary. Frenchman is slowly recovering from surgery and assures that he feels well.

A 43-year-old Parisian man suffers from neuroblastomaoankylosing spondylitis. He underwent his first face transplant in 2010. However, the transplant did not take. Doctors believe it was related to the use of inappropriate antibioticow during a cold. The drug was incompatible with immunosuppressive treatment, ktore inhibits the immune system by preventing transplant rejection. This is because it is treated by the organism as a foreign body. Transplant rejection is the usual defensive reaction.

NeuroblastomaoStromal tumor is an incurable genetic disease thatora can cause the development ofoj benign tumoroin the nervous system. This is a group of inherited diseasesob and at least two types of r disease are knownomourning symptoms. NervousoType 1 ankylosing spondylitis is characterized by the appearance of numerous tumorsow all over the body. There are also changes skorne, ocular, bone lesions and intracranial tumors. Usually these are benign neoplastic lesions, although cases of malignant tumors are also knownow. Hamon suffers from just this type of disease.

The first signs of rejection appeared in November 2016. Year poHe was later already qualified for another transplant. The previous one had to be removed. Jerome Hamon was faceless in the hospital for two months and was deprived of sight and hearing during that time. They do not mohead also mosnip. At the time, the search for a compatible donor was underway.

To avoid another transplant rejection, Hamon – named by the French media "a man with three faces" – Before the transplantation, he underwent a special blood purification procedure. Doctors removed in this wayob antibodies to minimize the risk of rejection.

Jerome Hamon is now known as the 'man with 3 faces' after having 2 face transplants pic.twitter.com/raqSgusZ3U

— Sky News (@SkyNews) April 17, 2018

Face transplant patient becomes '20 years younger' with second donor face. More coming up #ABCTheWorld @abcnews @bevvo14

Pic: Jerome Hamon before (left) and after (center/right) his first and second face transplants respectively. (HEGP AP-HP) pic.twitter.com/kz5hjAOfHy

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– The first (face – at. red.) I accepted immediately. This time it is the same. If I did not accept this new face, it would be terrible. This is a question of identity – admitted Hamon. – I’m 43 and the donor was 22, so it’s a bit like me being 22 – joked.

The hours-long operation was led by Professor Laurent Lantieri, a specialist in transplantationoin hand and face from the French hospital Hôpital Européen Georges-Pompidou. The same one thatory performed Hamon’s previous operation eight years ago. – Today we know that the suboiny transplant is feasible. The face is the same organ as others in the human body and can be transplanted – said Lantieri.