Hyundai presented a concept car… with legs

Hyundai company presented a concept car… with legs

If you’re a fan of the Transformers movie, the news about the Hyundai Elevate should make you happy. A Korean conglomerate has unveiled a concept for a small car that, when activated, extends four robotic legs that can overcome various off-road obstacles.

Experts say that using their four nog, robot moHeads to move at 5 km/h even in difficult terrain. The vehicle is also expected to be able to go over a wall 1.5 meters high and jump over an obstacle of that width. According to the designeroIn this futuristic carod can be useful in rescue operations and natural disasters.

The concept of a car with four robotic legs was developed over a three-year period as part of a project „Beyond the range of wheels" (Beyond the reach of the koł). The idea was presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

– When a tsunami strikes or an earthquake occurs, conventional vehicles are able to bring rescuersow only to the edge of the destroyed area. People have to travel the rest of the way on foot – moHyundai CEO John Suh. – Elevate can not only reach the scene, but, thanks to its four legs, go over flooded terrain or debris, he adds.

Suh also believes that the vehicle mopom headsoc people moving on wowith wheelchairs in climbing stairsoin and reaching buildingsow, whichore do not have adequate installation for osob disabled.

Prof. David Baley of Aston Aston Business School is cautiously optimistic when it comes to the project. – It is often the case that vehicle companies present concepts thatore will not enter mass production. But it’s great to think about new ways to move a vehicleow – convinces.

– Most of us only need wheels and roads, but in someor extreme situations similar solutions could be useful – adds. Prof. At the same time, Baley points out that in order to implement similar solutions to participate in rescue operations, engineers still have to overcome many challenges.