Last male northern white rhino dead

The last male northern white rhinoceros is dead

Sudan – the world’s last male northern white rhino is dead. Two females of the species were still alive. This is Sudan’s daughter and granddaughter. Employees of the reserve where the animal resided reported that Sudan had been seriously ill for months and had been put to sleep. The last male white rhino survived for 45 years.

Employees of the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya, where the animal was staying, reported that the rhino had been seriously ill for years, but its condition had deteriorated significantly in recent days. Sudan was unable to stand on its own, had wounds on the skorze and a serious infection on the right rear leg. Muscles and bones have degenerated. To relieve the suffering of the animal Sudan was put to sleep.

For several years there have been ongoing proto save the species. It even came to the point where an ad for Sudan appeared on the popular dating site Tinder. The campaign aimed to help raise funds to fight to save the species and raise awareness of endangered species.

White rhinoceros poThe rhino has no natural enemiesoin addition to humans. Currently, there are only two females of this species still alive. They are 17-year-old Fatu and 27-year-old Janin. They reside in the reserveow and are protected from poachers 24 hours a day by armed men. The tragic situation of the species is caused by the mass hunting of rhinos for horn, whichory according to folk beliefs has healing properties. As recently as 2000, 32 individuals of the species were walking around the world.

White rhinos pohe northerns once roamed the vast territories of Chad, Sudan, Uganda, Congo and the Central African Republic. Their population has been dramatically depleted as a result of the conflictsoin arms, whichore have swept through these regions for decades.

Although the Sudana is no longer there, there is still the possibility of saving the species from extinction. This can be done through in vitro techniques and by using stored semen from other dead rhinosoIn and eggs extracted from the dwoch remaining females. However, the cost of such a procedure in rhinosow are huge.

– He was a great ambassador for his species and will be remembered for his work, ktohe work he has done to raise awareness around the world about the plight of not only rhinosoIn the area, but also many thousands of other speciesow threatened with extinction as a result of unrow equivalent human activity – said Ol Pejeta Conservancy’s director general, Richard Vigne.

The day before the rhino was put to sleep, genetic material was taken from it. – This gives hope for future proto reproduce rhinosoin white ponnocals thanks to advanced comorhino – noted Vigne.

On the verge of extinction are representatives of other rhinosow. Southern white rhinos and black rhinos are killed for hornoin, whichory are sold illegally in Asian markets.