Researchers will create an application for detecting diseases through voice analysis

Rolish researchers will create an application for detecting diseases through voice analysis

Researchers from the Medical University of Bialystok, together with colleagues from Techmo, intend to create an application that allows early diagnosis of diseases. The study is to be carried out by analyzing the patient's voice.

The research will be headed by Prof. dr hab. Karol Kaminski, head of the Department of Population Medicine and Disease Preventionob Civilization of the Medical University of Bialystok (UMB), wspoln conjunction with experts from Techno, a Krakow-based company specializing in new technologies and speech processing. The project has received a grant of 10 millionoin gold in the program of the National Center for Research and Development.

Work on the VAMP (Voice Analysis for Medical Professionals) computer diagnostic system will begin in March and is expected to take four years to complete. A special application for mobile devices is to be developed eventually. Researchers from UMB and Techmo intend to develop a method for computer analysis of speech features, whichora will help in early diagnosis.

The VAMP system aims to improve early diagnosis of heart diseaseob civilization, mental illnesses and neurodegenerative changes. Its application can bring many benefits. Initial diagnostics will be able to start as early as while talking on the phone. To ego, a special smartphone app will prompt the user to contact the facility tooin the health care service.

„The speech is mainlyoThe latter was not a coincidence. Oprocz content conveys a range of additional information that has a significant impact on how it is perceived: emotional state, personality or character traits. The speech organ is highly sensitive to ailments zaroboth somatic and mental, hence the health of mowcy significantly affects the wayob communication, voice emission, syntax, semantics and specific habits. Zaroboth mental disorders, chronic inflammatory diseases and disorders of glandular functionoin the endocrine glands affect speech, and at the same time are significant risk factors for atherosclerosis and diseasedob heart” – reads an announcement published on the UMB website.

One of the first symptomsoin circulatory insufficiency is the collection of fluidoinside the system. This, in turn, can lead to swelling of the vocal cords and changes in voice timbre. Speech disorders reveal themselves roAlso in neurological diseases and strokes. These changes will be able to detect at an early stage prepared by a specialistoin the application, which could allow for more effective therapies.

More than 500 people are expected to participate in the planned researchob suffering from: neurological disorders (neurodegenerative diseases, dementia, strokes), coronary heart disease, heart failure, obesity, syndromeoł metabolic disorder, diabetes, hypothyroidism, respiratory diseases, depressive-anxiety disorders or schizophrenia.