What the hurricane looks like from the inside Footage from inside Florence

What the hurricane looks like from the inside? Footage from inside Florence

NOAA scientists sent a plane to the Florence meeting, which recorded a stunning view from inside the hurricane. In the eye of the cyclone, conditions seem strangely calm, but at its edges there is a veritable inferno.

Hurricane Florence is ranked fourth on the five-point Saffir-Simpson scale. According to meteorologists, it will hit the coast of the stateoin the United States on Friday. Although its strength is waning, it is still very dangerous and can cause huge losses. 1.5 million people have been forcibly evacuated from the forecast path of the hurricaneob. Four states have imposed a state of emergency.

When such a powerful element is heading for land, people rather trying to escape from its path, but not Hurricane Huntersow from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) – US government agency, whichora deals with weather forecasting and related warnings. A large part of the agency’s activities are also scientific research.

NOAA has a special comorka for hurricane researchow called NOOA Hurricane Hunters. It has at its disposal special aircraft, whichore play an important role in researching and forecasting hurricane strengthow. The machines are actually flying weather stations. The data they collect helps to better understand the processow storms, thus improving forecasting models.

NOAA has two such aircraft – „Kermit” and „Miss Piggy”. Each of these planesow can remain in the air for up to 12 hours. Have on board scientific instruments, ktore dropped from altitude follow along with the wind, transmitting valuable data on wind speed, humidity, air pressure, temperature or storm structure. And, of course, the position of the hurricane. They also study the temperature of the oceanow checking that it does not fuel the power of the elemental.

One of them („Kermit”) flew into the middle of Hurricane Florence a few days ago and recorded stunning footage straight from the eye of the cyclone. Pilot Commander Justin Kibbey, in an interview with CNN, said the hurricane was gaining strength and „turns into a real beast”. As indicated by the instrumentoin installed on „Kermit”, Winds inside a hurricane blow at 215 kilometersow per hour, although in gusts they exceed 300.